Mnangagwa warns political and economic saboteurs

Mnangagwa warns political and economic saboteurs

Zimbabwe will not turn a blind eye to plots by opposition political activists and some hostile foreign governments to destabilise the country, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said today.

He told ruling ZANU-PF politburo members that the renewed and unwarranted onslaught against the party and government were part of a bigger plot to destabilise the country.

He cited the recent alleged state sanctioned abduction of three MDC-Alliance youth members, describing it as a well-orchestrated act meant to tarnish the image of the ruling party and government.

Following the alleged abductions, hostile foreign nations including the United States immediately sent out statements condemning the government, accusing it of having a hand, albeit without any evidence.

According to reports, the three women were allegedly found “dumped” by the roadside at the Shamva-Bindura turn-off outside the capital.

Preliminary investigations into the matter have however since revealed that the three were still roaming around the capital, hours after their alleged abduction and that they lied about where they were allegedly arrested on the day.

“These confrontational actions which played out in the political, economic and media arena were not isolated incidences but were orchestrated, coordinated and planned events. I am aware that the intention was to cause despondency, unrest, violence and to render the country ungovernable,” Mnangagwa said.

“These acts should never be tolerated. I urge the party and the nation as a whole to remain alert. Let us refuse to be divided by vigilantes who are hired by hostile foreign governments to distract us from our quest to grow our economy and improve the quality of life for all in peace, unity and in love. Comrades, rest assured that our security apparatus will get to the bottom of these machinations and those involved will be brought to account.”

Mnangagwa said the country’s economy was also similarly under attack.

“On the economic front, we are witnessing a relentless attack on our currency and the economy in general through exorbitant pricing models by the private sector. We are fully cognisant that this is a battle being fueled by our political detractors, elite opportunists and malcontents who are bent on pushing a nefarious agenda they will never win,” he said.

“We did not liberate this country for selfish profiteers and greedy individuals but for all the people in our land who have a right to enjoy a better quality of life. As a party we must always thrive to achieve this.” –New Ziana



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