MDC calls for scrapping of bond note in proposed alternative to revive Zimbabwe’s economy

MDC calls for scrapping of bond note in proposed alternative to revive Zimbabwe’s economy


HON. DR. MASHAKADA: I move the motion standing in my name that this House;

NOTING the structural economic challenges affecting Zimbabwe which among others include –

  1. a) the crippling liquidity crisis;
  2. b) the existence of a recession that is now fast approaching an economic depression;
  3. c) huge unemployment levels currently estimated at 95%;
  4. d) extreme poverty with 79% of the population surviving on less than US$1.25 a day and a per capita income of less than US$500.00;

CONCERNED by Government’s economic mismanagement, an expansionary fiscal policy and gross abuse of public resources:

NOW THEREFORE, resolves that Government; must immediately bring sanity to the financial and liquidity situation by:

  1. a) scrapping the bond note and strengthening the regime of multiple currencies;
  2. b) returning to fiscal consolidation and the pursuit of a fiscal balance;
  3. c) resolving of the sovereign debt crisis;
  4. d) attending to ghost workers and a crippling wage bill;
  5. e) accelerating State Enterprises Reform.

HON. MPARIWA: I second.

HON. DR. MASHAKADA: Thank you Hon. Speaker. Let me start by congratulating my hon. colleagues for making it into Parliament and also congratulate you on your re-election as Speaker of the House.  – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –  Before I proceed, please kindly allow me to thank my party and people of Hatfield for once again choosing me to represent them in the august House.  I pledge to work for the betterment of Hatfield Constituency and also for the promotion of good governance in Zimbabwe.  I thought I should register my gratitude to the people of Hatfield and the party.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I wish to give you a copy of my motion so that you can follow my debate.

THE HON. SPEAKER: I have it in the Order Paper.

HON. DR. MASHAKADA: Thank you Mr. Speaker. I have just asked your staff to upload one of my files which I want to refer to. I hope that is taking place.  This is a very important motion which binds all of us regardless of our political affiliation.  It is a motion that will demonstrate that we represent people who are suffering – people who elected us to speak on their behalf.  I think we must approach this motion on the economy from that basis.

My point of entry on this motion is that …

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order, order, the two Hon. Members along the corridor there, you need to clear the way totally. No more chairs should come inside.   You can come this side Hon. Members there is some space here. Bring the chairs – [Laughter.]-

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