Mbeki should have a road named after him in Zimbabwe-MP

A Member of Parliament this week said former South African President Thabo Mbeki deserves recognition by Zimbabwe and one of the ways could be to name a road after him because he brought peace and tranquillity to Zimbabwe but that cost him his job.

Hurungwe North legislator Reuben Marumahoko described Mbeki as “the icon of Africa, the son of the soil, (and) a principled man”.

“We owe an appreciation to Thabo Mbeki. The former President of South Africa Mr. Speaker, made Zimbabwe what it is today. After we went through the 2008 elections where the regime change agenda was at play, the enemies of Africa and Zimbabwe were ready to pounce on Zimbabwe. Thanks to former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki that he came in and assisted in resolving the conflicts,” Marumahoko said in his contribution to the President’s Speech in parliament on Tuesday.

He said it was a pity that Mbeki had lost his job after completing his assignment of bringing together the three major political parties in Zimbabwe under the Global Political Agreement which ushered the inclusive government that saw Zimbabwe return to normal.

“The crime that Thabo Mbeki had contributed was to assist Zimbabwe to come together and form a Government of National Unity. He was also involved in the conflict of Sudan and also stopped the interdict of President Bashir by the ICC; that did not please the enemies of Africa,” Marumahoko said.

“I felt Madam Speaker, it was important for Zimbabwe to recognise his contribution to our tranquillity and stability in this country. It is important also if as a country we try probably to name one of our roads like we did to Nelson Mandela and the other African leaders. This is a way of acknowledging his participation in the conflict resolution of this continent……

“If we were to read this book ‘8 Days of September’ written by Chikane who was the Secretary of the Cabinet of South Africa, then you know that politics is at play in this continent. You know why Mbeki lost his presidency in South Africa. Not that the South Africans did not want him but the enemies of Africa did not want him

“I say so Madam Speaker because he stood by Zimbabwe. He stood by the continent of Africa wherever the enemy of Africa wanted to destroy the good of Africa. He is a man that all of us here including the opposition should appreciate the good work he has done.”



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