Jonathan Moyo says Chamisa is unhelpable unsupportable – CCC has been infiltrated


Exiled former Higher Education minister, Jonathan Moyo, says Citizens Coalition for Change leader NelsonChamisa is unhelpable and unsupportable and has been abandoned by most of his lieutenants who are pretending to support him for their own personal gain.

He said this in an interview with the Standard after being questioned about trying to infiltrate the CCC ahead of the 2023 elections after penning a letter with his former G40 colleague Patrick Zhuwao in which they apologised for supporting the “#ZANU-PFmustGo” campaign.

In an open letter to ZANU-PF members on 15 November, Moyo and Zhuwao said they had supported Chamisa in the 2018 elections in the hope that he would break barriers and forge a new platform on which a cross section of citizens straddling the political divide would converge, but he had failed to.

Told by the Standard: “Opposition supporters from the Citizens Coalition for Change camp have used the letter as proof of claims that you wanted to infiltrate their party ahead of 2023,” Moyo responded: “Well, if that is what CCC chaps think, then it means they are functionally illiterate and do not know what infiltration means.

“The infiltrators are already deep in CCC, and Nelson Chamisa himself said as much only a few days ago.

“The fact is that at no time did I or Cde Zhuwao seek membership of either MDC-A or CCC, never ever; not even for a second or a minute.

“So how can I seek to infiltrate something that I never sought to be part of?

“The claim of Nelson Chamisa’s supporters is political madness on steroids.”

Moyo said he, Zhuwao and Edmund Kudzayi were the backbone of Chamisa’s campaign in 2018 because former Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s base had deserted him.

“If anyone wants to know anything of some political value about this, it is a matter of the public record that Zhuwao, Edmund Kudzayi and I worked with and supported Nelson Chamisa publicly and openly around the clock in his 2018 presidential election campaign.

“There was no, and there will never be any, sustainable suggestion that we infiltrated Chamisa or his party in 2018.

“We were actually his campaign’s reliable backbone when Tsvangirai’s MDC base deserted Chamisa; including many who are now jumping up and down, pretending to support him while gratuitously demonising us in the hope of getting retweets and likes on Twitter to grow their own personal accounts.”

Moyo said that he told Chamisa in November 2021 that he would not campaign for him in 2023 because “he and his noisy supporters are unhelpable and unsupportable”.

“As far as the 2023 election campaign is concerned, I told Chamisa in writing in November 2021 that I will not campaign for him in 2023 or do anything like what I did for him in 2018; Chamisa has that information which I gave him and my reasons in November 2021. I have also said this on my Twitter handle many times before,” Moyo said.

“So, there could not have been any question of either Zhuwao or me infiltrating Nelson Chamisa or his CCC or whatever party he is going to contest the 2023 elections; because I told him directly in November that I was not going to support him in 2023.

“And here is my point about this; based on working closely with Nelson Chamisa and supporting him around the clock from 2018 to 2021, I reached a truly clear conclusion that he and his noisy supporters are unhelpable and unsupportable.

“That is the bottomline, everything else is irrelevant.”


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