How does a 10km road cost US$80 million when the unit cost is US$1.2m per km?

If it costs between US$850 000 and US$1.2 million to construct one kilometre of tarred road, how does a 10km road cost US$80 million?

This was a puzzle Glen View Member of Parliament Fani Munengmai wanted Transport Minister Obert Mpofu to answer but he was told that Mpofu was not the right minister to answer the question because the road in question was under Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo.

Mpofu had given the cost estimate in reply to an earlier question by Nkulumane MP Thamsanqa Mahlangu who wanted to know the total amount collected at tollgates so far and how it was used.

Mpofu said US$77 million had been collected so far and had been used to construct several roads. Most of the money was being used to repay the loan for the Plumtree-Harare-Mutare road.


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MR. MAHLANGU asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development to give an update on the total amount of money that has been collected so far from all tollgates in the country since their inception; how the funding had been utilised for road maintenance programmes in each province and state the major roads that had been maintained by such funding.

THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT (DR. MPOFU): Thank you Mr. Speaker. I wish to thank Hon. Mahlangu for the question. A total 77 million has been collected since tollgates were introduced in Zimbabwe and the funds have been allocated for the following major roads: Harare-Bindura-Mount Darwin; Harare- Nyamapanda; Harare-Mutare; Harare-Beitbridge; Harare-Bulawayo; Harare-Beitbridge; Bulawayo-Victoria Falls- Kazungula; Bulawayo-Kezi; Kwekwe-Gokwe; Masvingo-Mutare; Ngundu -Tanganda-Bircheough; Harare-Mvurwi; Centenary-Chegutu-Chinhoyi; Chivhu-Gutu; Lothium-Zaka-Triangle-Mvuma and Gweru.

It is important, Mr. Speaker, to note that it cost between US$850 000 to US$1,2 million to construct one kilometre of tarred road, with most of the money going to equipment hire. Currently, most of the money goes towards loan repayment for the Plumtree-Harare Mutare road. I thank you Mr. Speaker.

MR. MUNENGAMI: Hon. Minister, I just want to find out roughly how much it costs to construct a tarred road just for a kilometer considering the US$80million which is being talked about? –

[HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections] –

MR. SPEAKER: Order, order. Hon. member, the Minister has just answered that. It is US$850 000 to US$1.2million per km for a tarred road.

MR. MUNENGAMI: Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. I wanted clarification pertaining to the issue of the Airport road which we were told cost US$80milllion for a 10km road?

MR. SPEAKER: Which Airport road?

MR. MUNENGAMI: The road that links Airport road to the City of Harare.

MR. SPEAKER: Again, with all due respect, that road falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Local Government. It was discussed last time, am I correct hon. minister?




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