Herald has a field day on Mujuru


The Herald today had a field day on Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru with her former lieutenant Kudakwashe Bhasikiti walking all over her. Even Manheru had a jab on her too.

Bhasikiti said Mujuru is not intelligent and people will soon realise this;

“Our problem in this country and in our culture is that we think that fame and achievements of a husband can transfer to the wife,” Bhasikiti said.

“The name Mujuru became famous because of Solomon who was the commander of the armed forces. We thought that this was the same for his wife.

“We didn’t know that even President Mugabe had seen that when he made her Vice President there was nothing of substance there and that Mujuru was the name of the husband. What is inside her is from her Mugari side. So Joice Mugari is different from Mujuru.

“We only understood this when we gave her this post and asked her to work. We saw that the mettle of Mujurus was different from that of the Mugaris. Mugari is a person who is only fit for housework.”

Manheru also castigated he to house work saying: “.. the refrain of this column has always been to warn Zimbabweans that Joice Mujuru was, and could never have been a decisive factor in national politics, both before and after Independence. Her small significance lay in being a human illustration of the rearing capacity of the ruling Party, and the sheer tolerant generosity of President Mugabe. Nothing more, nothing less.”


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Charles Rukuni
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