Harare-Pomona deal raises a stink in Parliament


If there are any processes that have to be challenged, that is a separate issue but let us focus on the strategic national issue of making this city livable.  The most important thing that has been asked by Hon. Biti is so that this issue is discussed.  I think this is very important. We take that with the greatest humility that we can but we have to answer that question in terms of whether the process was followed or not. We believe the process was followed. Are there people who are sulking, maybe there are people who are sulking but they have to use appropriate channels to actually put their points forward but Harare is dirty and it has to be cleaned.

HON. BITI: The Pomona Agreement has not been agreed by the local authority. The local authority has suspended the same.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Hon. Biti, you are debating. Ask your supplementary question.

HON. BITI: The Constitution is clear that local authorities are run by those that are duly elected. On what basis is Cabinet coming in to justify an agreement that is costing ratepayers US$22 000 a day? On what legal basis are you operating and interfering?

HON. PROF. MURWIRA: Thank you Mr. Speaker and again I wish to thank Hon. Biti for seeking further clarification on the issue of Pomona and he is talking about a sum that is being talked about in terms of what the ratepayers are paying. The Pomona Agreement was done using a certain process that is legal. It is a fact. If there are people or citizens or residents who are challenging that deal, it is appropriate that they do so. However, it is very clear to Government that all processes to the best of our knowledge were followed.

We are not very clear why people can defend a dirty city, defend potholes, and defend things that are meant to clean up our city. It is very important that we keep focused on the national interest and make sure that we are focusing on the issue of national interest because we are all staying in this country and in this city.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the importance of this question is so important that we are able to talk about it right now. It is very important we are not talking about people running an authority,  running it and running it down are two different things. I thank you –[HON. BITI: Musa defender mbavha inonzi July Moyo].

HON. HWENDE: Thank you very much Mr. Speaker Sir. The question from Hon. Biti is very clear…

THE HON. SPEAKER: There is a point of order – [HON. HWENDE: Haaaaaah]

THE HON SPEAKER: Hon. Hwende, a point of order is permissible to be raised. There is no need for you to rant about it – [HON HWENDE: He is insulting me]-

THE HON. SPEAKER: Leave that to me.

HON. TOGAREPI: Mr. Speaker, I think our Ministers need protection from the Members on your left. They are insulting especially Hon. Biti – [HON. ZWIZWAI: Ndosaka uchida kubvisa Speaker. Aiwa mudhara ndozviziva zvavari kuda kuita]-

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order! Order! Hon. Zwizwai, you are out of order. I am not mudhara.

HON. HWENDE: Thank you very much Mr. Speaker Sir. The question from Hon. Biti was very clear. He asked in terms of what law is central Government interfering and ordering the Harare Municipality over the Pomona deal.  He even went further threatening the arrest of the Mayor.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  Supplementary question.

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