Coronavirus- the worst seems over for Harare

Coronavirus- the worst seems over for Harare

Harare seems to be in control of the latest outbreak of coronavirus as more than a thousand people have been recovering every day over the past few days with cases now down to 2 076 after 1 050 people recovered yesterday.

The country’s capital had more than 13 000 cases at one time this month.

Cases in Mashonaland West, however, are on the rise with more people getting infected than those who are recovering. It now has 5 979 cases overtaking Mashonaland East which had the highest number of recoveries yesterday with 1 515 and is now down to 5 211 active cases.

Bulawayo saw 605 people recovering yesterday and is down to 2 217 cases.

Active cases across the county dropped to 28 399 after the country recorded 2 073 new cases, 30 deaths and 4 416 recoveries.

Some 77 103 people have been infected this month and 290 have died.

Just over 14 000 people were vaccinated yesterday with 6 394 getting the first dose, 8 040 the second and 326 the third bringing the total of those who have received three doses to 4 922.



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