Coronavirus cases, deaths, drop but still too high

Coronavirus cases, deaths, drop but still too high

New coronavirus cases dropped from 2 683 yesterday to 1 787 and deaths from 55 to 42 but they are still too high as in March Zimbabwe had only 793 cases, in April 1 375, and in May 704.

Cases have already risen to 16 989 this month and deaths to 337, second only to January when there were 854 deaths.

Total deaths now stand at 2 126 and cases at 66 853 but only 20 147 are still active.

Mashonaland West had 584 new cases today pushing the number of active cases in the province to 4 246. Harare is in second place with 2 884 active cases. It had 326 new cases today. Mashonaland East had 191 new cases and now has 2 521 active cases. Bulawayo has 1 539.

Recoveries slowed down to 559 with 164 in Matebeleland North followed by Masvingo with 98 and Harare with 91.

Vaccination also slowed down to 13 000 with 11 437 getting the first jab and 1 688 the second.

The government is aiming to achieve herd immunity in Harare and Bulawayo first to stop the spread of the pandemic and has given the two metropolitan provinces double the doses it allocated to each of seven provinces, excluding Mashonaland West. Each province was allocated 50 000. Mashonaland West will get 90 000.



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