Bulawayo records first four coronavirus recoveries

Bulawayo records first four coronavirus recoveries

Bulawayo has recorded its first four coronavirus recoveries bringing down the number of active cases in the city to seven.

Harare, on the other hand, had two new positive cases bringing its total to 20, but two have died and eight have recovered, leaving 10 active cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe has so far tested 27 959 people.

It has 44 cases but only 23 are active. Four have died and 17 have recovered.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday extended the national lockdown indefinitely to curb the virus as cases are still on the increase.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa said while he had supported the lockdown all along, he was opposed to an indefinite extension as this was open to abuse.

“Whereas measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic are a necessity, we disagree with entrenching arbitrary rule under the guise of fighting the pandemic. We backed previous measures because they were time-specific. Indefinite extension changes the situation in a fundamental way,” he tweeted.

“Without consultation with us all, the indefinite extension of the lockdown opens a treacherous avenue to arbitrary rule. It indefinitely suspends the exercise of civil and political rights which are necessary checks and balances on the excesses of governmental power.

“Most authoritarian regimes are now using COVID-19 situation as an stratagem to violate rights, abuse people, esp workers, informal traders & churches. Abuse & manipulation must be fought by all progressive citizens. The greater the oppression, the greater the  determination!” he said.

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