All white people are racists


All white people are racist because racism starts at home. And even if you’re not raised racist, America’s systems make you choose sides. It’s always easier and more comfortable siding with racist.

Own it. Racism starts at home. Racism helps grooms the person you grow up to become.

This means these white people must realize their parents and grandparents are likely racist. This is the reason I believe most white people and POC can’t help that they are racist. They were born to become racist and taught to be racist.

Being racist to me is like a generational curse. It’s like being born with an addiction gene or some other genetic defect that alters your entire life until you learn to live with it and control it.

Racism is also like an addiction. It makes you addicted to power, money, social status, and a system that favors you. It’s like having a lifetime platinum membership to the all white country club.

The drinks are cold, the seats are comfortable; the food is wonderful, and the help is black and brown except the white girl at the door who greets you. Racism improves your white life.

But know since the day you were born that your whiteness comes at the expense of my blackness, because that’s how the system is set up. Own it so that we can move forward.

We don’t need or want your kind of white people around us who cannot admit they are racist because they are incapable of dealing with the collateral damage of the moment. That’s not the white freedom fighters we want on our teams. Admit it so we can go on.

White people and non-white POC living as white who cannot acknowledge these truths are saying they don’t want to relinquish the power and privileges assigned to their places in the social/racial order set by white supremacy.

Embracing that means that you also embrace mistreating me, taking from me and my children, separating me, and making my pathways more difficult so that you may have pathways that are smooth paved with gold, or titanium.

Racism makes life easy for white people. It’s not right.

Although you may be racist, you don’t have to stay that way. No one has to be racist. Racist is a choice. It’s a choice to not treat all people good, well, and respectful. It’s a choice to center whiteness, which has always been the default.

Racist make a conscious decision to ignore the cries and petitions of black people and to believe. White people make a choice to believe black people over white people. Racism is in everything and you can’t see the racism in those things because you are racist.

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Charles Rukuni
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