All white people are racists


They are so busy dodging responsibility they can’t see the obvious racism in needing an exception to the rule. There are no exceptions to racism and white people. You’re born into that gang.

Now is the time to show that black lives matter. It’s time to show us any lives matter besides a white one.

Either you’re for black people or against. It’s just that simple. Being caught up in what I call you by your rightful name instead of being aware of the reasons I called you, your name is between you and your maker.

I’m trying to help white people help us by showing them how white supremacy and racism works when you’re not white. So don’t talk, just listen. You can talk at the end of this.

I need you white and white passing people to understand that a white person or non-black person of color unwilling to admit their inherent anti-blackness is not an ally, but an enemy.

You cannot fix what is broken unless you admit to yourselves you’ve been raised and taught by racist parents, who raised you in racist systems and white spaces to give you the best chance of making it in a white world because they knew how bad it was being black.

Period. I don’t care where you are in the world, everyone knows they don’t want to be black because white people have taught the world black people are bad despite them needing us to survive.

White people couldn’t even go to the moon without a black woman. We have proven time and time again our worth, and white people have dismissed us and let us down because they are racist, having been taught that black people were inferior.

But no more.

White folks cannot and will not stop being a part of systems that were set up to make life easy and better for them and hard and bad for black people. If you don’t admit that all white people are racist, this will never change.

Just read our first Constitution. If America and white men weren’t racist, they would’ve never stipulated we black folks were property and not people.

The Constitution stipulated white men had rights and that black men had none. Own it.

Own that white people have spent the last 400-years maintaining the status quo by doing the same things their ancestors did to maintain getting the same results the ancestors did.

All white people are racists and/or act racistly to maintain their white interests. We all know you do it because we see how you live, work, play, vote, and engage on social media. You’re not fooling anyone but yourselves for denying this.

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Charles Rukuni
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