Zimbabwe’s MDC to hold its congress in May


The Movement for Democratic Change national council today decided to hold its elective congress from 24-26 May this year and had authorized its organising department to shorten the time-frames for the convening of the branch, ward, district and provincial congresses from those stipulated in the party Constitution.

The party had initially said it would hold its congress in October but some members said the congress should have been held this month and argue that party leader Nelson Chamisa’s tenure expired on 14 February.

In a statement after the national council meeting today, the party authorized its secretary general Douglas Mwonzora to write notifications for the proposed congress.

Mwonzora is said to be one of those vying for party leadership together with one of the three vice-presidents Elias Mudzuri.

The party said it will hold another extra-ordinary national council meeting to deal with congress issues including the appointment of an independent commission to run the national congress.

Chamisa has been campaigning to be the single candidate for the presidential post claiming that he was anointed by the late founding president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Stanley Goreraza, former husband of former First Lady Grace Mugabe, said Chamisa’s refusal to step down after his tenure expired was a huge betrayal of democracy and a very discouraging signal of the type of leadership to expect from him.

“And complicit are the independent media and academic observers who when the shoe is in ZANU-PF’s foot, they issue condemnations with such eloquence you would think they invented the English language,” Goreraza said.

“Much is expected of ZANU-PF but not the MDC because apparently these advocates for democracy are unobjective hypocrites.

“What a shame. They are no different from ZBC and the learned propaganda consultants like Tafataona Mahoso. They just happen to be on different sides but they are just the same.

“The MDC is allowed to pass through the gates of scrutiny without being searched and screened because ZANU-PF is hated with a passion. Nothing could be more dangerous because that is how Hitler got god like powers and that is how ZANU-PF became monstrous.

“People wanted out of Rhodesia. Rhodesians were the enemy and ZANU-PF were the saviours who could do no wrong. Excuses were made for their violence and other abuses. People saw and heard no evil because they wanted black rule at all costs.

“Abuse, lies, violence, violation of the constitution all became cultural for ZANU-PF because they were given a pass and we were silent about their wrongs before independence. And then the monster we created turned on us.

“Silence is expected when the MDC does wrong. Whoever tries speaking out is silenced by insults and abuse which includes being labeled ZANU-PF….. Being labeled ZANU-PF becomes a weapon of silence, a weapon to discredit your views.

“When labelled ZANU-PF, the public loses respect for you and therefore discard and dismiss whatever you have to say. The MDC’s deceitful leaders have taken full advantage of this. They abuse funds, do not account for funds, misappropriate funds, make absolutely no financial disclosures, violate their own Constitution and go on as if they are champions, heroes and saviours.”



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Charles Rukuni
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