Zimbabwean women among the most beautiful in Africa


Zimbabwe women have been ranked among the most beautiful in Africa ranking at number 7, a remarkable fit considering that six years ago Zimbabwe was not even in the top 10.

The question though is what is beauty?

InsiderMonkey which carried out the survey says: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of us are equally made beautiful regardless of skin colour, vital statistics, height, nationality, or anything behind our physical appearances. The term ‘beauty’ goes beyond mere physical appearance, and can also apply to ideas, emotions, actions, and experiences that evoke positive feelings. The perception of beauty is subjective and varies among individuals, as people’s preferences, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences influence what they find beautiful.”

The ranking:

  1. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast belongs to the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women in 2023. Ivorian women are absolutely beautiful, with a heart. They possess a natural allure, sweetness, and nurturing qualities. Additionally, they are drawn to masculine attributes, making it an enticing destination for anyone seeking romantic connections.

  1. Congo

Congolese women are proud of their natural appearance and traditional attire. With their tall, curvaceous, and dark features, they have a strong passion for fashion and entertainment. Furthermore, Congolese women are into outdoor activities, making it a great idea to suggest an outing when you meet one.

  1. Egypt

Egyptian women contain an attraction that has a sense of regality, attracting anyone with an appreciation for elegance. As a result of their culture and traditions, they have limited opportunities for interactions with men outside their immediate family circle. Although primarily adhering to Islam, Egyptian women tend to dress modestly, covering most of their skin when seen in public.

  1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean women are frequently recognized for their beauty combined with intelligence. They are renowned not only for their beauty but also for their remarkable fearlessness. Even before the country gained independence, they began organising themselves to exert political influence and make their voices heard.

  1. Ghana

Ghanaian women are not just beautiful but also incredibly warm and romantically alluring. They are mostly known for their radiant smiles. Additionally, their warm and engaging personalities make them delightful companions.

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