Zimbabwe records a whopping 34 local coronavirus cases in a day

Zimbabwe records a whopping 34 local coronavirus cases in a day

Zimbabwe yesterday recorded 53 new coronavirus cases, 34 of them local transmissions, raising the number of cases to 787.

The spike in coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe has largely been from returning residents but yesterday’s figure should be worrying as 29 of the cases were traced to contacts with known confirmed cases.

Four people, two each from Bulawayo and Mashonaland East, recovered raising the total to 201.

The World Health Organisation has warned countries not to relax as the pandemic is still on.

Police in Zimbabwe have so far arrested 91 250 people for violating various regulations associated with the lockdown to curb the spread of the virus as well as measures to contain it such as wearing of masks.

So far 81 335 people have been tested and there are 577 active cases, 201 recoveries and nine deaths.

Globally the number of cases has now reached nearly 12 million with 546 700 deaths.

Some 6.9 million people have recovered but there are still 4.5 million active cases.

Africa only has 12 015 deaths with the highest deaths being in:

  1. South Africa                       3 502
  2. Egypt                                     3489
  3. Algeria                                  968
  4. Nigeria                                  669
  5. Sudan                                   622



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