Zimbabwe records 91 coronavirus deaths, 38 in Harare

Zimbabwe records 91 coronavirus deaths, 38 in Harare

Zimbabwe today reported 91 coronavirus deaths with 38 in Harare but the Ministry of Health said 33 of the deaths were between 17 and 21 July but had not been reported.

There were 2 265 new cases and 1 263 recoveries resulting in the number of active cases going up to 29 739.

The country has recorded 95 686 cases to date, 2 961 deaths and 62 986 recoveries.

Harare had the highest number of new cases at 590 and also the highest number of recoveries at 342. Active cases rose to 4 745. Manicaland is second with 4 363 and Mashonaland West has 4 213.

Bulawayo had 17 deaths today and has 2 116 active cases.

The vaccination programme maintained its pace with 48 391 getting the first dose and 6 586 the second. So far 1 400 905 have received the first dose and 671 155 are fully vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health stresses that one can still be infected even when fully immunized so those who have been vaccinated should continue to protect themselves.



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