With just 10 elephants Zimbabwe can establish how much methane gas Lupane has – MP


Binga South legislator Gabuza Joel Gabbuza says with just 10 elephants Zimbabwe can establish how much methane gas Lupane has because it has been estimated that it will cost US$5 million to find out.

He has said the government has known about the existence of the gas since 2000 but has failed to exploit the gas or to establish how much gas there is because it does not understand the importance of methane gas.

Contributing to the debate on domestic resource mobilisation to boost the country’s economy, Gabbuza said the major problem with Zimbabwe was that it did not read international development trends properly.

“What do I mean by that?” he asked before answering himself. “Mr. Speaker, the whole world is moving into green energy but we are moving going to where others are coming from leaving this very important issue.

“There are so many examples that we can cite where our Government has failed to understand the world trends.  When everyone else was going into cellphones, the Government was busy building the sorting office for letters at the airport there and now it has become white elephant.  They were busy building a lot of post offices all over – new post offices like Lupane, Siyazunde and every other district and all have become white elephants because we did not read the world trends where the world was going.

“Mr. Speaker, I was watching a documentary yesterday, the world over, they are saying by 2030 they would have banned automobile vehicles using petrol chemical engines, these internal combustion chamber engines, the normal vehicles that we know using petrol and diesel.

“What are we doing as a country to prepare for that?  People are moving into electric vehicles because Toyota and Nissan have announced that in the next three years they will stop manufacturing the normal standard ordinary vehicles that we are using, they will be moving to electric energy vehicles.

“What are we doing?  We are leaving Kamativi which has a lot of lithium that would be required.  There are other mines that are going to be potential for the production of lithium.  They are all not developed and yet in the next three years that would be a big economic booster and requirement for the world to grow because all vehicles will now be running on electrical energy.

“We are busy constructing filling stations for the product which is going to be banned very soon.  Britain, Russia and Europe have said by 2030 they would have stopped manufacturing those vehicles but we are not preparing ourselves for that.”

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