Zimbabwe Parliament report on ZINARA 2017-2018 audit- Part 4


Unpacking the Agreements between ZINARA and Univern

  1. On 23 March 2012, an agreement headed “Concession for the Supply and Commissioning of the Computerisation of the Vehicle Licences in Zimbabwe” was entered into between ZINARA and Univern.
  2. ZINARA was represented by its CEO, Mr. Frank Chitukutuku. Mr. Precious Murove and Mr. G.T. Kanotangudza were witnesses to Mr. Chitukutuku’s signature.
  3. Mr Lawrence Sher signed on behalf of Univern, and without any restraint, hint of illegality and unethicalness, Mr. Murove and Mr. Kanotangudza were witnesses to Mr. Sher’s signature.
  4. In terms of the agreement, Univern would:
  • manage the supply and implementation of a full computerized licensing system to be distributed to 29 registry offices in Zimbabwe: and
  • exclusively supply software developed by it for the above computerised licensing system
  1. In turn, ZINARA would
  • provide Univern with access to its data, material and computer systems;
  • make available “sufficiently qualified and authorise ZINARA personnel with appropriate access rights and permissions”;
  • be solely responsible “for data capture and the population of the software application with the content required”;
  • Warrant that all vehicle licences will be sold through the system provided by Univern Enterprises; and
  • Pay to Univern Enterprises 18.5% of the total gross transaction value as calculated by the system.
  1. The duration of the agreement was a period of 12 months subject to annual renewal “by mutual agreement”
  2. Upon termination of the agreement, the software developed and all assets provided by Univern Enterprises and the right to title and ownership of any code, forms, algorithms or materials developed by Univern would remain the property of Univern.
  3. On 2 October 2012, an Addendum to the above agreement was executed between the parties. This agreement is Annexure 22 contained in Volume 1 of the Audit Report.

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