Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission calls everyone to order

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission calls everyone to order

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, one of the five commissions set up to support democracy in the country, has called everyone- the government, political parties, the regional and international community as well as citizens and human rights defenders- to order.

It said that in the light of human rights violations in the country, the government should respect, protect, promote and fulfil all the rights enshrined in the Declaration of Rights as provided for by section 44 of the Constitution.

The government should safeguard and advance human rights as dictated by international human rights law and the obligations imposed by treaties and conventions that Zimbabwe is party to.

The ZHRC urged political parties to desist from aiding and abetting violations of human rights through incitement and perpetration of violence.

It said political parties should promote enjoyment of the rights to peace, human dignity and personal security as enshrined in sections 51 and 52 of the Constitution.

The commission said the regional and international community should abide by the principles encapsulated in the Charter of the United Nations.

“Article 2 (1) of the UN Charter reiterates the need to respect the sovereignty of member States, including the Republic of Zimbabwe, by refraining from divisive politics,” the commission said.

“The regional and international community is urged to support Zimbabwe in coming up with domestic solutions to its political and socio-economic challenges and also facilitate elimination of conflict and hostility between the State and its citizens.”

The ZHRC urged citizens and human rights defenders to exercise their rights responsibly, always taking cognisance of the escalating public health threat being posed by the Covid-19 pandemic by refraining from peddling false news that is divisive and inciteful.

The situation in the country has been tense over the past few weeks with some political parties, churches and civil society saying the country is in a crisis that needs regional or international intervention while the government argues that while the country is facing challenges, there is no crisis.

Below is the full ZHRC statement:

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