ZANU-PF legislator says politburo members should not be in government as this compromises performance

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HON. ZINDI : I move the motion standing in my name:

That this House:

INSPIRED by His Excellency, The President E. D. Mnangagwa’s sterling inaugural address to the nation on Friday 24 November 2017 at the National Sports Stadium, envisaging a new dispensation;

ACKNOWLEDGING the measures already taken such as:

(a) Efforts to stamp out corruption at all levels as demonstrated by the 90-day moratorium on those who externalised cash and assets, and

(b) The meetings held with Permanent Secretaries and Public Service Commission highlighting the need to downsize Government structures and appoint a lean Cabinet, and retiring civil servants who have reached their retirement age.

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING the need to strengthen institutions of governance through separation of powers among the three arms of the State namely; the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive;

COGNISANT of the call by His Excellency to shun any forms of retribution and divisions as a way of fostering unity among Zimbabweans regardless of colour, creed, gender and ethnicity;

MINDFUL of His Excellency, the President’s desire to revive the economy leading to the creation of jobs;

APPLAUDING the sentiments expressed towards restoration of international relations through engaging the international community;

Now, therefore, expresses its unequivocal and deepest appreciation and support for the measures being taken to rebuild Zimbabwe.


HON. ZINDI : Thank you Hon. Speaker. Hon. Speaker, I rise to move a congratulatory message to His Excellency the President, Hon. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the second Executive President of Zimbabwe. I just want to be mindful of the fact that change is a necessity and as it is so, we need to embrace change. We saw in the events that took place in November which then resultantly saw His Excellence E. D. Mnangagwa being installed as President despite the resistance to change, by the former President Robert Mugabe.

It was really an opportune moment for change to take place. Hence it was embraced by everybody in Zimbabwe and the International Community. I hope you will allow me to read or to refer to my speech here and there because I do not know the background of His Excellency off hand.

Hon. Speaker, His Excellency, Hon. E.D Mnangagwa, was appointed as the Executive President and 3rd President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and assumed his duty, on Friday, 24th November, 2017; I need to extend also my welcome and also warm congratulations to Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa as the First Lady of Zimbabwe, on the same day.

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