We want flowers for Valentine’s Day too though we are happily single- MP says


Bulawayo Central Legislator Dorcas Sibanda has the House in stitches when she told Parliament that she expected flowers too for Valentine’s Day though she was happily single.

Sibanda was returning the compliment from Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda who wished the House a happy Valentine’s Day.

Beatrice Nyamupinga commended the Speaker and hoped that legislators had sent Valentine messages to their wives and partners at home before coming to Parliament.

“This is what we expect as women that when there are days like these where we need to be shown love, you always remind them,” she told the Speaker.


THE HON. SPEAKER: I want to wish all Hon. Members a happy Valentine’s Day – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –

HON. D. SIBANDA: Thank you Hon. Speaker for wishing us a happy Valentine’s Day and we also want to say happy Valentine to you too.  We expected to see flowers as most of us here are happily single though but we expected to have flowers. – [Laughter.] –

HON. NDUNA: Thank you Mr. Speaker, happy Valentine to you too.  I rise on a matter of urgent public importance…

THE HON. SPEAKER: Order Hon. Nduna, I had not finished my ritual. Hon. Sibanda, please be guaranteed that the flowers are in my heart.  – [Laughter.] –

HON. NYAMUPINGA:  Mr. Speaker, I was up before you announced for Notices of Motions because mine is not a Notice of Motion.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  So why are you taking the podium?

HON. NYAMUPINGA:  I was up before and you ordered me to sit down.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  But I never addressed you.

HON. NYAMUPINGA:  I thought you were looking at me because I was standing up.  Maybe your eyes are blind because of the valentine greetings that you are getting – [Laughter.] –

THE HON. SPEAKER:  I am going to indulge you because of Valentine’s Day.  Can I hear you?

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