“I hate my husband” most googled “I hate” in Zimbabwe


Your wives hate you. That is if you believe the internet.

According to the women’s magazine Marie Claire, Zimbabwe is one of the countries where “I hate my husband” was the biggest “I hate” search term.

This information is obtained from an interactive map compiled by Slots.info, which measures “I love” and “I hate” search terms.

“I hate my husband” was the most googled term in 18 countries across the world including, in Africa: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It was not all bad news, though. “I love my husband” was tops in 13 countries.

But Zimbabwean husbands do not seem to love their wives either.

Kenya came out tops in “I Love my wife”.

Other things that people hated included: my job, men, women and even people.

Strangely in China, the biggest hate search term was “I hate that I’m a woman”.

Guess who Zimbabwean women loved most?

What do you think? Let us see if you can guess right.

Answer tomorrow.


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Charles Rukuni
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