United States urges all parties in Zimbabwe to respect the Constitution

United States urges all parties in Zimbabwe to respect the Constitution

The United States has called on all parties in Zimbabwe to respect yesterday’s Constitutional Court decision and the rule of law.

It said two organisations from the United States which observed the Zimbabwe elections reported “several improvements to the electoral process compared to Zimbabwe’s past elections, though equally important problems gave rise to deep concerns that the process thus far has not made the mark”.

“Further reforms are necessary to meet standards Zimbabweans expect and deserve and which reflect regional and international best practices for democratic elections,” the State department said in a statement.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa lost his election challenge case yesterday but has rejected the decision by the country’s highest court but it is not appealable.

The State department said: “The United States remains concerned over politically motivated human rights violations and abuses, and acts of post-electoral retribution in Zimbabwe.

“Violence and unlawful activity should not be part of the political process, and those responsible for such transgressions must be held accountable.

“Human rights and fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of expression and association, must be respected, and victims and witnesses of human rights violations and abuses deserve protection under the law.”

The United States encouraged the government of Zimbabwe to hold substantive discussions with all stakeholders and implement electoral and broader political and economic reforms.

Washington extended sanctions on Zimbabwe just before the court verdict.

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