Three more Zimbabweans die of coronavirus

Three more Zimbabweans die of coronavirus

Three Zimbabweans, two from Bulawayo and one from Manicaland, died of coronavirus yesterday bringing the total to 84.

There were 118 new cases raising the total to 4 339.

Twenty-six recovered bringing the total to 1 264 but there are still 2 991 active cases.

Going by the figures alone, Bulawayo seems to be overcoming the pandemic as 536 out of the 1 073 people have recovered and 23 have died leaving 514 active cases.

Only 76 out of 1 670 have recovered in Harare and 39 have died. There are 1 555 active cases.

There are now nearly 19 million cases across the globe with 711 300 deaths, 12.2 million recoveries and 6.1 million active cases.

South Africa has 529 877 cases and 9 298 deaths.

It now accounts for 53% of the cases on the continent and 43% of the deaths.



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