The Solomon Mujuru Wikileaks cables


Solomon Mujuru was one of the most powerful people in Zimbabwe. He was reported to be one of the few Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front leaders who could openly challenge President Robert Mugabe. He was even referred to as a kingmaker. Mujuru had also become one of the richest people in the country with businesses that span across the entire economy from mining to retail. But he died a painful death that remains shrouded in mystery. There are more than 90 cables on him. Here is the first batch.

86-Cranswick says Gono, Grace and Mujuru are looting diamonds at Marange

85-VP Mujuru held clandestine meeting with US ambassador

84-ZANU-PF not ready for a woman president

83-US to work with Mujuru as she might be next president

82-Sipepa Nkomo says Mai Mujuru was very critical of ZANU-PF

81-Mugabe sidelines Mujuru

80-Dabengwa was bitter that Mujuru never publicly supported Makoni

79-Conference gave Mujuru another chance to challenge Mugabe

78-Mujuru worked with Tsvangirai to marginalise Mugabe

77-Mugabe clips Mujuru’s wings

76-Four MPs loyal to Mujuru voted for Tsvangirai candidate

75-Mujuru found Tsvangirai more acceptable than Mnangagwa

74-Mai Mujuru tried to outmanoeuvre Mnangagwa during unity talks

73-Gen Mujuru’s about turn

72-Mujuru was in contact with Tsvangirai to deny Mugabe victory?

71-Mujuru promised to support Tsvangirai if Mugabe stole election

70-Mt Darwin has not benefitted from Mujuru’s vice-presidency

69-Mujuru’s support for Makoni meant little

68-Gen Mujuru told Mugabe to resign two weeks before 2008 elections!

67-Dabengwa was confident Mugabe could be defeated

66-Goche refused US offer for a Mugabe exit package

65-Mandaza expected Mujuru to publicly back Makoni before elections

64-Bennett predicted shock victory for MDC in 2008

63-Mujuru wanted Mugabe to go because his business was affected

62-Mujuru preferred Dabengwa to Makoni

61-Bulawayo mayor advocated for an anti-Mugabe coalition

60-Masiyiwa says Jonathan Moyo and Ibbo Mandaza are former CIO

59-Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe

58-Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?

57-The US embassy’s assessment of Grace Mugabe

56-Mujuru camp sought US help to remove Mugabe

55-Zvobgo says Mugabe no longer trusts Mnangagwa and Mujuru

54-Mujuru takes advantage of void left by death of Zvobgo

53-Did Mujuru have a stake in ACR?

52-How Mugabe outmanoeuvred Mujuru

51-Mugabe fears hanging if he leaves office

50-Msipa told Dell that Gen Mujuru was no march for Mugabe

49-Zvobgo Jnr and Jonathan Moyo differ on future of VP Mujuru

48-Masamvu says Gen Mujuru was on war path to get rid of Mugabe

47-Mutasa says Mugabe might become president for life

46-Mujuru wanted his wife to become President with Makoni as PM

45-Gen Mujuru tells US its approach insults Zimbabwe’s “manhood”

44-Mutare bishop felt Mujuru was key to any political agreement

43-Joyce exploded to Mugabe that she was independent of Rex

42-Bennett says Tsvangirai is the MDC’s only chance

41-Were Mujuru and Gono allies or rivals?

40-Mujuru offered to take care of Tsvangirai

39-US view on the ZANU-PF succession battle

38-Zvobgo says Mugabe’s departure will trigger uncertainty, national relief

37-Were Tungamirai and Mujuru allies?

36-Mujuru told Zimplats he was running the country

35-Was Mujuru behind Murambatsvina?

34-US official says Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

33-Waiting for Mugabe to go

32-Tsvangirai was confident MDC would win 2005 elections

31-Mavhaire said Mujuru was untouchable

30-Mbeki says the Mujurus are not tribalists

29-Mujuru told Mnangagwa he would never lead ZANU-PF

28-First Boyfriend released

27-CIO keeps Mnangagwa a step ahead of his adversaries- Wikileaks

26-Mnangagwa used state funds to finance succession campaign!

25-ZANU-PF succession scorecard

24-Mugabe succession elusive

23-Makoni can only be pushed by Mujuru

22-US ambassador says Makoni is a breath of fresh air

21-Zvobgo said Mujuru, Makoni and Beta wanted Mugabe out

20-Mujuru told US ambassador Mugabe would step down after 2005 elections

19-Mugabe respected and feared Mujuru

18-Mugabe to have an unhappy exit!

17-Mujuru wanted elections to be a clean fight

16-Mujuru, Ndlovu ordered Chinotimba to stay out Bulawayo mayoral elections

15-Mugabe placates Mujuru!

14-Mnangagwa would be more ruthless than Mugabe- Wikileaks

13-ZANU-PF wins Marondera by-election

12-MDC says Mujuru is one of the men Mugabe still consults

11-Mujuru asked MDC for amnesty in return for coalition government

10-Mugabe gives nod to Mujuru

9-Mujuru asked Mugabe to stop purging corrupt politicians

8-Was Mujuru HIV positive?

7-Did military chiefs salute Tsvangirai or Mujuru?

6-Mujuru’s mine recapitalises

5-Rare week in Harare

4-Mujuru demanded 5 tonnes of seed maize from SeedCo

3-Mugabe claims Solomon Mujuru’s support

2-Did Mujuru back Makoni or not?

1-US was aware Chombo had two wives five years before divorce


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