The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables-Part  Fifteen

1-Military chiefs worried about Tsvangirai victory

2-Nkomo says no harm will come to Tsvangirai

3-MDC official says no amnesty for Chihuri

4-Three killed as violence escalates

5-Farmers’ leader complains violence is not being fully reported

6-Only a call to Mugabe by US president can stop violence- ambassador

7-US embassy says Mugabe is using land as a smokescreen

8-Tsvangirai criticises US for focussing on DRC and not Zimbabwe

9-Mugabe calling all the shots

10-Greed is colour blind

11-US embassy expected MDC to win 30 seats in 2000

12-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

13-Rumour mill gave MDC victory

14-Was the MDC thrown cabinet scraps?

15-US embassy said CIO agent headed ZCTU after Tsvangirai

16-US says its public diplomacy has paid off in Zimbabwe

17-Tsvangirai says Makoni is a coward

18-Senior police try to keep their juniors in check

19-Chamisa and Gandi Mudzingwa quizzed over arms caches

20-Government trying to throttle of MDC

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