The Gideon Gono Wikileaks dossier


Gideon Gono was at one time the de facto Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. He had become so powerful that he sent shivers through many original founders of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. But he is now a pale shadow of his former self. All the same there are 290 cables on Gono, making him the third with the highest number of cables after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe in that order. We have decided to dedicate January to the central bank governor.

Here is the first batch.

269-US assessment of inclusive government after one year in office

268-History of ANC and ZANU-PF not as close as people think

267-Presence of Gono frightens investors

266-ZANU-PF MP lauds sidelining of Gono

265-Investors showing renewed interest in Zimbabwe

264-Bennett says MDC is good at campaigning not governing

263-US ambassador’s analysis of Media Commission members

262-Gono sells his bank to Germans

261-Biti asks US to lift sanctions on three banks

260-Grace Mugabe- I have very narrow feet so I only wear Ferragamo

259-US ambassador says MDC lacks vision

258-ZANU-PF an old party with problems

257-DRC ambassador says Gono is profiteering

256-Tsvangirai says Gono is the lesser of two evils

255-US ambassador says Mnangagwa and Mujuru are not likely to become president

254-Ambassador says people underrate the power that Grace Mugabe wields

253-EU working on a programme to remove security chiefs as a threat!

252-Biti says Gono is a thief

251-Gono not formally joining ZANU-PF

250-Zimbabwe banks whistle past the graveyard

249-Gono used $40 million of banks’ reserves without authorisation

248-IMF worried about continuing mismanagement at RBZ

247-Biti’s budget woes

246-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over GPA

245-Tsvangirai says ZANU-PF is taking him for a ride

244-MDC pull out in 2009 was all a façade

243-Gono wins Ig Nobel Prize

242-Gorden Moyo says without Mugabe there would be chaos

241-Mai Mujuru stronger than Mnangagwa

240-Biti says Mugabe is tired

239-New 112-room mansion for Gono

238-Tsvangirai says Mugabe is a tyrant

237-Gono spins SDR allocation

236-Armed robberies force people to deposit money in banks

235-Why Gono and Biti clashed over IMF money- Wikileaks

234-Gono’s wings clipped but RBZ bill criticised

233-Mugabe tells US delegation differences in GPA are “little issues”

232-Zimbabwe riskiest investment destination?

231-US embassy says no one is keen on elections

230-MDC was prepared to accommodate Gono to get rid of Tomana

229-Biti laments that Zimbabwe is still a failed state

228-BBC correspondent complains about CIO meddling

227-Biti says ZANU-PF is too preoccupied with Mugabe succession

226-Why Tsvangirai will not allow inclusive government to collapse

225-Ministers give principals one week to report on outstanding issues

224-IMF says Gono not important as long as there is strong board

223-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

222-US ambassador questions MDC ability to push for reform

221-Minister says multi donor trust fund is state avoidance mechanism

220-Bennett says villagers speak about two main issues: Gono and justice

219-Bloch says Gono is a genius

218-Tomana a bigger issue than Gono

217-Johnnie Carson says Mugabe’s stay in power is infinite

216-ZANUPF and MDC resolve some outstanding issues

215-Tsvangirai wanted Tsumba to replace Gono

214-Goche toes the party line through and through

213-Biti adamant that Gono has to go

212-Tsvangirai persuades Gono to step down

211-Biti demands investigation of Gono

210-Tsvangirai says Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

209-Biti says Gono issue is just academic

208-Matinenga says MPs should not view their seats as jobs

207-Can’t say no to a Benz

206-US embassy considers getting Zimbank and Agribank off sanctions list

205-Mugabe said Biti was his best Finance Minister ever

204-What Mugabe was thinking

203-Biti shows his muscle

202-Mangoma says Biti “cooked” his first budget with Mugabe

201-Air Zimbabwe at crossroads

200-US ambassador says it is in US interest to support MDC

199-Made says white farmers are no longer welcome in Zimbabwe

198-US tries to dictate the course for Zimbabwe

197-Why Mugabe can’t fire Gono

196-Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption

195-Biti and Gono tussle over vouchers

194-Mugabe says Gono will not go

193-Tsvangirai challenges ZANU-PF actions

192-US said it could work with Qadhafi to advance its interests

191-Gono frees gold but clamps on platinum and diamond producers

190-Donors set conditions to bail out Tsvangirai and Biti

189-Gono’s bank accuses him of trying to protect ZANU-PF cronies

188-Gono embraces market policies at last

187-Tsvangirai says his first order of business is to replace Gono

186-Inclusive government the only game in town

185-Tsvangirai says Mugabe needs me more than I need him

184-Marathon SADC meeting sets date for Tsvangirai swearing in

183-Soldiers steal Gono’s chickens

182-Tsvangirai says Gono is still an issue

181-Tsvangirai acknowledges Mugabe’s resilience

180-Military cut Gono out of Marange diamonds

179-Chamisa says Biti wanted to become Deputy Prime Minister

178-Gono for vice-president of World Bank!

177-Parties agree to Amendment 19

176-Gono pre-empts protest march

175-Mugabe renews Gono’s term

174-Chiadzwa has to the potential to become one of the world’s largest diamond mines

173-Gono tries to make amends for failed policies

172-Gono’s policy flip-flopping

171-Cranswick says Gono, Grace and Mujuru are looting diamonds at Marange

170-Herald comes to Gono’s defence over AIDS funds

169-Industry leaders accuse Gono of trying to buy favours to silence them

168-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF still treated MDC as junior partner

167-Military planned coup after signing of GPA!

166-Gono diverted AIDS funds

165-Mzembi says Gono is running scared

164-Who will be beheaded first- Gono, Mugabe, Mutambara, Chihuri…?

163-Gono and Chiwenga were against MDC taking on Home Affairs and Finance

162-Gono and Grace wanted to marginalise Tsvangirai

161-Gono allows dollarisation

160-US applauds EU for placing Gono on sanctions list

159-Government spending spree oils banks

158-Gono planned to start his own party

157-British PM told Tsvangirai no help if Mugabe retained executive power

156-Tsvangirai met Gono to reassure him of his future before GPA

155-Masiyiwa says Chinamasa and Goche lack enough authority

154-Tsvangirai said there was no room for Gono in new government

153-Business accuses Gono of assuming functions of Ministry of Finance

152-Grace agreed to power-sharing agreement

151-US asked if MDC was going to be swallowed by ZANU-PF like ZAPU

150-Belgium has no objections to Gono’s addition to sanctions list

149-Italy not committed on Gono

148-The 14 people the US wanted on the UN sanctions list

147-France says it will support inclusion of Gono on EU sanctions

146-US implores EU to place Gono on sanctions list

145-US pushes for military intervention in Zimbabwe

144-Gono asked US ambassador for soft landing- Wikileaks

143-Gono says Mugabe has terminal cancer

142-Mnangagwa assumed virtual presidency role in runoff

141-Goche, Chinamasa and Mnangagwa were prepared to ditch Mugabe

140-Why ZANU-PF changed its mind about Mugabe exit

139-Mugabe was ready to concede defeat in 2008 – Wikileaks

138-Gono told US ambassador that ZANU-PF did not rig elections

137-Gono and Grace discuss Mugabe’s future

136-Masiyiwa says Jonathan Moyo and Ibbo Mandaza are former CIO

135-Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe

134-Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?

133-Mugabe named Mnangagwa his successor in 2007!

132-Gono says Mugabe wanted to retire after 2008 victory

131-Trevor Ncube thoroughly disgusted with MDC

130-Poultry producer uses political patronage to survive

129-Mutasa was behind the disastrous 2007 price controls

128-Manhanga says Pius Ncube was set up but adultery allegations are true

127-Mujuru camp sought US help to remove Mugabe

126-US ambassador concedes that Jonathan Moyo is a shrewd analyst

125-Zvobgo says Mugabe no longer trusts Mnangagwa and Mujuru

124-Masamvu double-cross

123-Mbeki wanted Mugabe out before he left office

122-Jonathan Moyo says Mandela asked Mugabe to step down in 2007

121-Gono goes to the streets for money

120-Mugabe’s grip limits economic reform

119-US ambassador says Gono is increasingly acting as de facto Prime Minister

118-Masiyiwa, Takawira and Goko tried to ease Mugabe out

117-Gideon Gono reinvents Gideon Gono

116-Government tries to revoke Trevor Ncube’s citizenship

115-Masamvu says Gen Mujuru was on war path to get rid of Mugabe

114-IMF says Gono is the worst central banker in the world

113-Gono to educate the nation that capital flows to areas of greatest freedom

112-Masamvu said Gono bought the support of the military

111-Zimbabweans good at planning but not implementing

110-Gono ambushes the nation

109-Dell says Gono is corrupt to boot

108-Banks facing the crunch

107-Bloch says Gono is naïve and impetuous

106-Russia says Zimbabwe is no more autocratic than the norm in Africa

105-Zvobgo says everyone agrees that Mugabe has outlived his time

104-Gono cooked the figures to hide true extent of inflation

103-Gono told Dell that Grace wanted Mugabe to step down

102-Gono says everyone hates him except the man on the street

101-IMF fails to establish where Zimbabwe got the money to pay it

100-Georgias says Mugabe is the key

99-Gono says he will be fired if inflation hits quadruple digit

98-Banker says parastatals are a bottomless barrel

97-Chombo boots out three of the four elected MDC mayors

96-Was Trevor Ncube used by Jonathan Moyo to tarnish Financial Gazette?

95-Mugabe prepared to repeal repressive laws to get loan from SA

94-Where Gono got the money to pay the IMF

93-US says no carrots for Gono

92-Gono was aware Masamvu talks to US embassy officials

91-Gono stuns IMF and US government

90-Caltex breaks even with just 12 service stations

89-Gono all out to stop Zimbabwe’s expulsion from IMF

88-US dictates terms under which SA should bail out Zimbabwe

87-US official says Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

86-Business leaders plead with US not to let IMF expel Zimbabwe

85-Gono says he would never resign

84-Gono powerless as cash dries up

83-Gono luring white farmers to stay

82-Gono said the government had agreed to compensate white farmers

81-Gono lashes out at greedy economic saboteurs

80-US embassy official says he expects no change while Mugabe is still alive

79-Lock-step loyalty key for appointment by Mugabe

78-ZANU-PF women’s league threatens to take over companies

77-Currency auction allows Gono to concentrate power in his hands

76-Mutasa grateful for sanctions

75-Business says there is no hope until Mugabe is gone

74-Mugabe thought the NGO bill was part of the Tsholotsho plot!

73-Gono says hands off to parallel market dealers

72-US truck company sales drop by 90 percent

71-IMF plays into ZANU-PF’s hands

70-Gono literally tells private sector- fend for yourselves

69-Gono says fast track land reform is over

68-CFU president prefers a moderate ZANU-PF to an MDC government

67-Zimbabwean company says it may have to pass Disney job because of exchange rate

66-CFU says plight of white farmers is improving

65-Gono pleads with Dell for 90 minutes

64-Mugabe didn’t want to be seen as bowing to US pressure

63-Gono shocked by IMF analysis of 2005 budget

62-Murerwa forecast growth in 2005

61-ZANU-PF desperate to repair relations with US

60-Gono promises floating exchange rate

59-Gono has killed Bindura- general manager

58-Mobile phone bosses arrested for externalisation.

57-Pressure on white farmers boiling

56-Mobil battles with corrupt ministers and briefcase operators

55-Gono optimistic about growth in 2005

54-Why US was interested in Mutare

53-Government more receptive to criticism from business than MDC

52-Gono called Mugabe on speakerphone for CFU president

51-Managing a business in Mugabe’s shadow

50-Gono says Mugabe is amenable when approached in a proper manner

49-Government urged to emphasise production over politics

48-Gold production expected to increase by 67%

47-US tobacco firm denies sanctions busting

46-Government starts buying votes for 2005

45-US firms in sanctions busting?

44-Gono: wolf in sheep’s clothing?

43-Harare becomes too expensive for business

42-Gono appears to have reached the limits of his influence

41-Murerwa unwilling to let Zimbabweans face uncomfortable facts

40-How ZANU-PF exploits Zimbabweans

39-Mutasa says no to US election observers

38-Gono says Jonathan Moyo has become a liability

37-Mutasa not afraid of international press

36-Gono fails to arrest economic decline

35-Gono tells his audience what he thinks they want to hear

34-US ambassador says John Nkomo is too timid to assert himself

33-Can black and white farmers join forces?

32-Gono laughs off Made’s crop forecasts

31-Gono says he is prepared to interfere in any sector

30-Gono’s juggling act

29-Gono disappoints exporters but….

28-Kuruneri overshadowed by Gono

27-IMF says auction system is not sustainable

26-ZANU-PF rejoices as Gono goes for the small fry

25-Mugabe kept in the dark to get things moving

24Miners being squeezed out

23-Mugabe expected to retire before 2009

22-CZI calls for tripartite negotiations

21-Industry complains about auction rate

20-Stronger Zimdollar slows inflation

19-Gono shakes the banking sector

18-Government was desperate ahead of 2005 elections

17-Good start for currency auctions

16-Gono rattles feathers

15-US embassy says Tsvangirai is too optimistic

14-Gono shows his clout

13-US embassy says Gono’s bank is a key parallel market player

12-Everyone waits for Gono

11-Gono becomes central banker, Finance, and Trade minister melded in one

10-Murerwa leaves everything to Gono

9-Gono did not want RBZ job- Wikileaks

8-Gono appointed central bank governor

7-How Zimbabwe was surviving the economic meltdown

6-MDC plans to boycott ZANU-PF owned businesses

5-Gono calls for granting of title deeds to new farmers

4-Gono takes over Financial Gazette

3-Gono says he turned down a cabinet job

2-Ministers demand cut on oils deals with South Africa-Wikileaks

1-Gono tipped to become Finance Minister way back in 2000


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