The complete Sydney Masamvu Wikileaks dossier


Former Financial Gazette and Daily News writer Sydney Masamvu became one of the most sought after political analysts on Zimbabwe when he joined the International Crisis Group and then the Institute for Democracy in Africa. He was not only adept at getting information but was also cross-trading that information with top officials of the South African government and the United States embassies in Harare and Pretoria. Here is a complete list of his shenanigans.

39-SA refuses to bow down to pressure to force Mugabe to step down

38-Zuma asks how West can expect cooperation from Mugabe when they are so critical of him

37-Tsvangirai wanted to be President with Mugabe as Prime Minister- Wikileaks

36-Political tug-of-war- Mugabe versus Tsvangirai

35-UN envoy wanted GNU without Mugabe

34-Bennett says Masiyiwa is a control freak

33-Tsvangirai listed “dealbreakers” to participate in run-off

32-Diplomats question Tsvangirai’s ability to deliver

31-Masamvu said Mugabe would hand over to Mnangagwa in six months

30-MDC broke after 2008 elections

29-South Africa interested in stability in Zimbabwe not democracy

28-Dabengwa was confident Mugabe could be defeated

27-Norway funded Masamvu and company to observe 2008 elections

26-No one gave the MDC a chance in 2008

25-Mbeki gave Mugabe three options before 2008 elections

24-Masamvu says Zuma expected to be more robust on Mugabe

23-MDC pressured into signing constitutional amendment

22-Masamvu sceptical about constitutional amendments

21-Trevor Ncube thoroughly disgusted with MDC

20-Botswana wanted to “take the gloves off” with Mugabe

19-Richard Branson funded elders to talk Mugabe out of power

18-Mugabe tried to put Mujuru under surveillance but CIO refused

17-Tsvangirai says everything is in short supply in Zimbabwe except misery

16-Masamvu passes MDC document to US officials

15-Masamvu double-cross

14-Mbeki wanted Mugabe out before he left office

13-Getting Bob out first step to change in Zimbabwe

12-SA opposed to extension of Mugabe’s term- Masamvu

11-Masamvu says Gen Mujuru was on war path to get rid of Mugabe

10-Wikileaks cable says Masamvu on US payroll

9-Mugabe prepared to repeal repressive laws to get loan from SA

8-Gono was aware Masamvu talks to US embassy officials

7-Masamvu says Mugabe has given Gono free rein

6-US official says Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

5-Manheru names journos with US intelligence links

4-Zimbabwe tops Bush’s agenda

3-Masamvu hails US military campaign to disarm Iraq

2-Masamvu promoted

1-Sydney Masamvu- Martial law looms


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