The Chenjerai Hunzvi Wikileaks cables

In just four years Chenjerai Hunzvi rose from an obscure medical doctor to lead the war veterans association, though he admitted he had never been to the front. The association was dormant at the time but Hunzvi propelled it to greater heights, forcing the government to pay them huge lumpsum payments and pensions when it did not have money. He also became one of the most feared people in the country and the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front’s point man to win them votes in areas where support was waning especially after the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change. But within a year of being elected to Parliament, and spearheading the farm invasions that saw scores of white commercial farmers being driven off the land, he was dead. There are just over 20 Wikileaks cables on him. Here is the first batch.

26-Founder of Green Bombers spills the beans

25-Government after Masiyiwa

24-Mujuru, Ndlovu ordered Chinotimba to stay out Bulawayo mayoral elections

23-Tsvangirai says three quarters of the armed forces are with us

22-Hunzvi dies

21-Defence Minister Moven Mahachi dies

20-Hunzvi walking around in Masvingo with AK rifle

19-Hunzvi can be brought under control in five minutes

18-If Hunzvi hits you, hit back

17-War veterans on a rampage

16-ZANU-PF upbeat after winning Bikita West by-election

15-Bikita poll marred by violence

14-Chinotimba and Hunzvi in Bikita to bolster ZANU-PF

13-ZANU-PF wins Marondera by-election

12-Mugabe is like a father who has betrayed his children – MP

11-Farmers urge US to push Mbeki to put pressure on Mugabe

10-Faint hope of cutting Hunzvi down to size

9-US embassy says Mugabe sees himself as the Fidel Castro of Southern Africa

8-Hunzvi among the 15 big losers

7-Was the MDC thrown cabinet scraps?

6-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

5-Hunzvi implicated in torture claims

4-Zvobgo says Hunzvi is certifiably unstable

3-Greed is colour blind

2-CNN stringer stopped from filming at Supreme Court

1-Court orders war vets off farms but Mugabe unmoved



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