The battle is now on: It is MDC-T and the people versus Dr Khupe and ZANU-PF

The Movement for Democratic Change national executive today said it is not going to be distracted by sideshows like Thokozani Khupe’s victory over the use of the MDC-T name and symbol and vowed to fight on saying the party will not lose focus.

In a statement after a seven-hour meeting, the executive said it had noted with concern the creeping of politics into law and remained concerned that a whole respectable court can choose to relate itself to the issue of the so-called factions which was not even before it.

“What was before the courts, the executive noted, was the issue of expelled party members who were abusing the party’s name, trademark, logo and symbols,” the statement said.

“The executive noted that the court ruling was not going to affect the party’s momentum on the ground.”

It said the party is putting in place robust mechanisms to ensure that its revolutionary thrust will not be undermined or sidetracked by needless and unnecessary sideshows.

“The executive noted that the issue was now a matter of the MDC-T and the people versus Dr Khupe and ZANU-PF,” the statement said.

“History has shown that the side of the people will always win.”

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