Shingi Munyeza mocks Biti says Mthuli Ncube is the best Finance Minister since 2000


Businessman Shingi Munyeza has mocked Movement for Democratic Change vice-chairman and former Finance Minister Tendai Biti, who is often touted as the best Finance Minister Zimbabwe has ever had, by saying current minister Mthuli Ncube is better than him by far.

Munyeza was responding to a tweet by Biti which said: “This class of 2018 is easily the worst cabinet in the history of modern Zimbabwe 1890 to 1918 (sic). The present day melt down & dislocation only happens when a country has gone through a war . It’s a man mad tsunami . The regime s praise singers owe us an apology #RiggingDoesNotPay.”

Munyeza, who is also a pastor, accused Biti of allowing people to loot during his tenure and asked: “Did you apologize for the missing $15 billion under your watch?”

Biti responded: “Shut up. You know who stole $15 b of our diamonds”.

Munyeza replied: “Always angry my brother. Cheer up you didn’t steal them. You just watched the thieves stealing under your watch. You should have resigned in protest to show your anger.”

Munyeza was not done. “The truth is @MthuliNcube is a better finance Minister by far since 2000. Save this tweet,” he said.

Biti responded: “What have you smocked so early in the morning Shingi Munyeza?”

“Feeling jealous that I didn’t say you were the best Finance Minister,” Munyeza replied. “Some egos can’t be stroked enough. Ok let’s finish this: you were the best and the worst.”

Biti was not amused: “You are a bigger fool than I thought Shingi Munyeza and to think you actually call yourself a pastor. I pray for that poor congregation,” he said.

“And you think being abusive makes you better than me?” Munyeza retorted. “You wouldn’t have come for help and assistance to a ‘bigger fool’. What makes you then?”

That shut up Biti who tweeted: “God bless you Pastor Munyeza and have a nice day.”

Munyeza responded: “God bless you my brother. Have a great day. All the best tomorrow as you celebrate your anniversary. Be safe. Remember you are in a cholera zone.”

But Biti followers were not done: “This is what happens when you have politicians masquerading as Pastors , Shingi hautozive kuti Biti always said revenue from diamonds is not coming to treasury. As a Pastor it’s wise to wait for the Holy Spirit to guide you becoz kufamba wega unogara wakarasika,” one said.

Biti came back: “Well spoken my brother . Charlatans are killing our country.The genuine Church stands up against injustice , and misrule . The Church and those who hide behind the Bible should not be an accomplice to the suffering and exploitation of the people . This is against the scriptures.”

“Show us your balance sheet before GNU and after GNU. Come out clean so you can be holier,” Munyeza responded.


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Charles Rukuni
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