Semen not just for muti, it is a beauty product

Three Zimbabwean women – Sophie Nhokwara, Netsai Nhokwara and Rosemary Chakwizira, were arrested last year for allegedly raping men.

The story is that they were allegedly harvesting semen. What led to their arrest was that they were found with more than 30 condoms in the boot of their car, some half full with semen.

Although the three have been on remand since October and the case might only come up in May, what has baffled a lot of people is why the women were doing such a bizarre thing especially because of the prevalence of AIDS. But more importantly what were they doing with the semen?

There have been reports that they could have been harvesting the semen to sell to witchdoctors for ritual purposes.

A professor of sociology at the University of Zimbabwe Watch Ruparanganda was quoted as saying that people were interested in semen because sperm is associated with regeneration of life, which in turn translates to business growth.

One report even said semen was selling like hot cakes in South Africa where a full condom could sell for as much as $400.

The women have denied the allegations saying that they are prostitutes and were too busy to throw away the condoms.

The Insider has since established that semen has a commercial value. It is a good moisturising cream which is reported to be 30 times stronger than Vitamin E.

A Norwegian company, Scandinavian Dermal Group, says it has developed a range of beauty products using spermine which it is now selling on the open market. It also says its Skin Science skin care brand has been “proven to delay skin ageing by 20 percent”.

According to the Skin Science website, the product is said to have been launched by the company’s founder and chief executive officer Geir Havard Kvalheim after he learnt about the idea on a flight from Oslo to Tromso in December 2001.

The Insider has been unable to pin down Geir over the past month to get more details. But it has established that Roar Takle Olsen is now the company CEO..

Several calls to Olsen’s mobile number and to the office have gone unanswered. A journalist based in Oslo also tried the numbers without success.

It remains unclear whether the company uses human semen or a synthetic product.

But another company called Cmen Beauty reportedly uses actual semen as a “quality moisturiser”. The Insider could not obtain contact details for the company but reports say it delivers the semen “to your home in discreet packaging”.



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