Obert Mpofu’s remarks spark a twitter war with Jonathan Moyo


Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front politburo member Obert Mpofu’s remarks on Sunday that Matebeleland North province will look into allegations that Higher Education Minister and fellow politburo member Jonathan Moyo is working with national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere to build parallel structures and has also been undermining the Command Agriculture programme has sparked a twitter war on Moyo’s handle.

Though Moyo only remarked that: “It's a BIG shame that Matabeleland North's problems always come from one BIG Judas Iscariot!” his followers have savaged the former Mines Minister.

One follower going by the name of  Dr.Eng T.D Matibiri commented: “1.the greatest thief who was min of Mines when $15bn went missing bent on starting flames, but he owns 3/4 of Vic falls & almost every…… this man who owns 3/4 of Victoria falls and almost every building in Bulawayo you were minister of mines when $15bn went missing mari iripi?”

E.F.F South Africa?  wrote:  “there is no regrets of calling Obert Mpofu a Judas Iscariot .If you have talked w Welshman Mabhena you see that Judas is a underword 4 Obert”.

E.F.F. South Africa goes on to add: “He forgets that people know that he looted diamonds also.”

Allegations of Mpofu’s high level corruption have been splashed all over but he has never been charged.

The Mines Minister before Mpofu, Edward Chindori-Chininga told former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray that Mpofu was a crook and a thief and had looted the diamond mines at Marange.

Chindori-Chininga died in a car accident in 2013 and there was wide speculation that he was eliminated by his political opponents within ZANU-PF.


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Charles Rukuni
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