Mnangagwa urges Zimbabweans to work together to develop the country

Mnangagwa urges Zimbabweans to work together to develop the country

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and humility that l stand here today, to address you fellow Zimbabweans, upon my inauguration as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, having been mandated to form the next Government, following the outcome of the just ended national plebiscite.  We gather here yet again, as we did last year, with many similar guests, this is however a different Zimbabwe and the dawn of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe.

Following my commitment to open up the democratic space, the period since that special day on 24 November 2017, has indeed been momentous. In just nine months, we have birthed a new Zimbabwe and forged a different path for our nation. A path full of freedoms, democracy, transparency, love and harmony. A path of dialogue and debate. A path of unity, peace and development.

Distinguished Guests, Comrades and Friends;

We held the much anticipated 2018 Harmonised General Elections, in accordance with our laws and guided and informed by the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Elections as well as the AU Declaration on Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa.

These were elections in which all parties were free to campaign in all areas of the country; elections in which competing ideas were discussed and debated, freely and openly.

I took it upon myself to preach the message of peace, non- violence, harmony, love and unity, before, during and after the elections.

On 30th July 2018, we went out in our millions, to define our destiny and shape our future, calmly and peacefully. With the eyes of the world upon us and in the full glare of a broad spectrum of international observers and global media, we all freely exercised our democratic right to elect leaders of our choice, and indeed this we did.

I wish to thank you, my fellow Zimbabweans, for having heeded to my call for peace and for contributing towards the peaceful environment we are still enjoying to this day.

You demonstrated that Zimbabweans are by nature, a peace- loving people, and that our democracy has indeed come of age. I further commend you all for the warm hospitality you extended to visitors and observers during this electoral period.

The isolated and unfortunate incident of violence that reared its ugly head on 1st August 2018 was regrettable and most unacceptable. Such conduct should be alien and vile to our nature, culture and traditions as the Zimbabwean people.

To put closure and finality to the matter, I will soon be announcing members of the Commission of Inquiry into the said violence, who will upon completion publish their findings.   Once again, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.


Following the announcement of the Harmonised General Election results by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission; I am deeply humbled and honoured by my election to the Office of President of our beloved country, and the exceptional mandate conferred on my Party ZANU PF, which garnered more than two- thirds majority in the National Assembly.

The Court Application by the MDC Alliance, challenging the outcome of the Presidential Election, culminated in the judgement of the Constitutional Court handed down on Friday 24th August 2018. The Constitutional Court upheld the will of the people as expressed on 30 July 2018.

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