Mnangagwa says 2019 will be better and more prosperous

Mnangagwa says 2019 will be better and more prosperous

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today urged Zimbabweans to rally behind his government saying elections are now behind us, we must now focus on growing our economy.

Mnangagwa who narrowly won the 30 July elections but is facing stiff resistance from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change which insists his presidency is illegitimate, said 2019 holds promise of better fortunes for Zimbabwe built on strong foundations already laid for economic growth and recovery.

The President’s promise comes when most Zimbabweans have resigned themselves to another ignominious year characterised by shortage of basic commodities, high prices and dwindling incomes.

Mnangagwa, however, said Zimbabweans have already risen to the challenges and there are strong signs of recovery and growth.

“We must draw on our sense of unity and purpose, indeed on our political maturity, in order to move ahead,” he said.

“I eagerly look forward to meeting and interacting with you more and more in the New Year, which I am confident will be better and more prosperous.”

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My Fellow Zimbabweans,

As the year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you all for working hard for your families, for your communities, and of course for your country.

In doing so, I am confident that the year ahead holds promise of better fortunes for our Nation, all built on the strong foundation we have already laid for economic recovery and growth. Quite often this year, the going has been tough and challenging, all the time testing our mettle and resilience to the fullest.

We have risen to the challenges, in every instance drawing from our inner inventiveness and broad, collective unity.

Already, we see strong signs of recovery and growth, which the transient challenges we came across this year, appeared to bedim.

Still we need to do more, and to remain singularly focused more than ever before.

Focused on getting the macroeconomic environment stable once more, in order to make it supportive of the sustainable recovery we all yearn for. That means intensifying fiscal consolidation through a raft of measures and adjustments which we are determined to see through.

Focused on mustering greater support to our agriculture, so we remain a food-secure Nation, and so that our Industry continues to have enough raw materials for more activity. We remain hopeful that the predicted El Nino-induced drought will not be as severe, or that if it is so, that our water reservoirs and growing irrigation capacity will offset it.

Focused on mobilising more and more resources and better technologies for modernising our Industries whose recovery is already underway. We need to manufacture more and better, to export more and trade competitively, so we create more and better jobs for our youths.

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