Mliswa tells fellow MPs to go back to witchdoctors who told them they would become ministers and be rich

Mliswa tells fellow MPs to go back to witchdoctors who told them they would become ministers and be rich

That is really important for Committees to report that the various ministries where you have oversight over, did they get money?  The last time we debated, 30% had been disbursed and not 100%.  So, why do we need a supplementary budget when you have not disbursed the first lot?  I do not know – ko sei muchida mari yakawanda iyo yekutanga yamakatenderwa musina kupihwa? I am failing to understand the logic of Hon. Members in wanting to support this supplementary.  Again, you are encouraging non-performance on passing budgets here.  It is a shame on you that you are not paying attention to detail in terms of that.  It exposes us because if there is anything, we should be asking the Hon. Minister what happened to the budget that we passed.  Did the money reach its intended purposes as allocated as per Votes?  If it did, then supplementary comes in.

What is the definition of supplementary? Mothers you are here, supplementary milk means mukaka unonwiwa kana wamai usikukwana, munoshandisa wepowder, mwana akamwa here zvakakwana kuti muzoda wepowder?         I am totally against this House constantly endorsing or rubber stamping issues which do not make sense.

My question here is; why are you pushing for a supplementary when the budget allocated to different ministries was not disbursed?  The Portfolio Committees – what are their reports saying and what are they doing?  So clearly, there is an exposé of a Parliament which meets once in a while to endorse or rubber stamp things which are illegal.  The Public Finance Management Act itself is pretty clear that quarterly or monthly, there must be reports coming into Portfolio Committees. Once again, you are repeating the same mistake of not following the Public Finance Management Act and continuously we sit here and blame the Minister of Finance and yet we hold the keys to everything.  To me, it again exposes us as Parliament at the end of the day, even our own money that we are supposed to get; did we get the money?  You are crying foul that the hotels are not accepting you.   Shame on you but you passed the budget.  What have you done to just deal with your own issues?  You are busy talking about other people’s issues when your house is not clean.  Clean your house first and then go to the next house because it is embarrassing as Members of Parliament who passed the budget that you are saying hotels have not been paid for.   So when you were passing the budget, did you not factor that in?  At any point, did we as Parliament come in and say we have been allocated all our money and there is some money which has not come through, we need it so that we pay bills?  You make your bed and you lie on it, that is what English proverbs say – you make your bed as parliamentarians and you are laying on it.

Let us not come here to rubber stamp issues from your caucuses just to pass things.  We are fed up of parliamentarians who make noise the last minute when you are going towards your end of term because you are now thinking of your suffering. When you came in here, who told you that there was cherry in this place –  there is no cherry in this place; I hope the nation understands that being a Member of Parliament is the route for being poor at the end of the day.  The people who were Members of Parliament during Rhodesian time were farmers who came with their land cruisers, park them here, got into 504s when doing Parliament business and during weekends, they go back in their land cruisers.  Now, because you are poorer, whichever witchdoctor told you that you will be appointed a Minister when you come into Parliament wronged you.  I think you must stop going to these witchdoctors who are lying to you because serving people requires you to be capacitated.  We now need that, not only intellectual but from a resource point of view and so forth.  So, it is really disappointing that the Caucuses that you have do not talk about your welfare and all that and you have got Chief Whips who should be looking into that.

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