Mliswa raises a stink in Parliament- says Police chief covering up for former boss Chihuri


HON. T. MLISWA: I thank you for your diligent intervention. What is Government doing about officers at ZACC who were given money to buy property on behalf of anti-corruption but they put property in their names? They were given houses to buy here and they externalised money of up to US$1.9m but they are still there. There is also…

THE ACTING SPEAKER: Hon Mliswa, we are not supposed to be relating to cases – that will be more specific now. We are looking for policy questions. Please be specific to a policy question and not a case like I have said before.

HON. T. MLISWA: I thought I would give a background and then the question would come in from a policy question.

THE ACTING SPEAKER: Ask policy questions, Hon Mliswa.

HON. MLISWA: How can we have confidence in the law enforcement agencies who are supposed to curb corruption when they themselves are corrupt in many ways? How can we again repatriate money which has left the country back into Zimbabwe from any official who has been given the money on behalf of Government? How do we get back those properties which were bought in their names instead of Government institutions? How do we go about that?

THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE, LEGAL AND PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS (HON. ZIYAMBI): Corruption was identified by His Excellency as the number one enemy of the State. Corruption, by its nature, is performed by at least two individuals. Our police force in terms of its structure and the constitutive document which is the Constitution that gave birth to our police force is not a corrupt organ. Wherever you find individuals, there may be one or two bad elements. It does not translate to the whole organisation to mean that it is corrupt. It is our endevour to ensure that we strengthen all our institutions that support the economic development of our country.

Coming to specific issues of what transpired about 8 years ago, I believe Hon Mliswa, if he as evidence, we will gladly accept that and ensure that independent investigations are done with a view of ensuring that whatever State resources were misappropriated is recovered.

HON. T. MLISWA: Minister, you shall be getting the letter tomorrow because I have copied it to you. Is there anybody who is above the law because the Commissioner General of Police, Commissioner Matanga, has a case where he violated procurement procedures at ZACC with police. The matter is with ZACC. Secondly, there is a case of former Commissioner General Chihuri which is failing to take off because the key witness is the current Commissioner General of Police because he was the DCG in charge of administration. It is said that he appended his signature to everything that the former Commissioner General did. What are you doing to make sure that the Commissioner General is investigated and brought to book since he likes to arrest people without any crime and this time zvavakwake. Muchamu investigater sei mukuru wemapurisa nenyaya dzeku violater procurement nekuvharidzira nyaya dzavaChihuri nekuti iye ndiye ayi sayina kuti mari ibude. Ari kunzi akapisa mapaper ese saka chii chamuchaita?

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