Mliswa raises a stink in Parliament- says Police chief covering up for former boss Chihuri

Mliswa raises a stink in Parliament- says Police chief covering up for former boss Chihuri

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has queried how Zimbabwe can curb corruption when the very people that are supposed to enforce the law are corrupt.

Mliswa said yesterday that the current police chief Godwin Matanga was corrupt and was being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Speaking during Parliament’s question time ,Mliswa said the case against the former police chief Augustine Chihuri was failing to take off because Matanga was involved.

“There is a case of former Commissioner General Chihuri which is failing to take off because the key witness is the current Commissioner General of Police because he was the DCG in charge of administration. It is said that he appended his signature to everything that the former Commissioner General did,” hesaid.

“What are you doing to make sure that the Commissioner General is investigated and brought to book since he likes to arrest people without any crime and this time zvavakwake. Muchamu investigater sei mukuru wemapurisa nenyaya dzeku violater procurement nekuvharidzira nyaya dzavaChihuri nekuti iye ndiye ayi sayina kuti mari ibude. Ari kunzi akapisa mapaper ese saka chii chamuchaita?”

Below is the full Q&A

HON. T. MLISWA: My question is directed to the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. The Judiciary seems to be under siege. The Anti-Corruption Commission seems to be more corrupt than the people that they are looking for. A good example is other members of ZACC who are working there are said to have been given money and externalised it but they are officers. The police itself seem also to be corrupt. In the President’s speech today on the Development Agenda, corruption is among those cited in terms of zero tolerance. We seem to have individuals like Delish Nguwaya who visited the prison while he was a complainant to see an accused Felix Munyaradzi.

What is the lawful way of moving forward in terms of the prosecution case where the State has the case and the accused is Felix Munyaradzi who was denied bail on condition that he does not interface with witnesses? The complainant who is a chief witness then went and saw him in prison.  How then does the State intend to continue with that? From a judiciary point of view…

THE ACTING SPEAKER: Hon Mliswa, that is a case which is before the courts and you are not supposed to be discussing it. So if you are going to be giving examples, please give your examples which are outside court issues. Secondly, is that a question or you have another question.

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