Is Zimbabwe winning the coronavirus battle?

Is Zimbabwe winning the coronavirus battle?

Zimbabwe today recorded 32 new coronavirus cases, the highest figure for a single day so far this month, but it seems to be winning the battle against the pandemic.

It has recorded 113 new cases this month out of the 5 885 people tested.

Only one person has died this month.

The country has 7 951 cases to date but 6 446 people have recovered and 229 have died.

It has 1 276 active cases, 1 129 being in Harare alone.

Globally the number of cases has risen to 36.4 million.

Some 1.06 million people have died, 27.6million have recovered and there are still 8 million active cases.

France which is currently at number 11 is fast closing in on South Africa which is in 10th place.

The gap between the two is just 14 000 cases.

Brazil, which is in third place, has just surpassed 5 million cases but is way behind India with 6.9 million cases and the United States with 7.8 million.

Brazil has, however, more deaths than India. It has 148 400 against India’s 106 500.

The United States has 217 250 deaths.



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