Is Chamisa thinking of starting a new party?

Is Chamisa thinking of starting a new party?

Movement for Democratic Change alliance leader Nelson Chamisa might be thinking of starting a new party, that is, if one reads his latest tweet correctly.

Chamisa, who is under siege from his former colleague but main challenger Douglas Mwonzora, today tweeted: “Hello Zimbabwe.. I’m prompted to remind you that the darkest hour is before dawn. A breakthrough is often preceded by the hardest point. Our tears of sorrow shall soon be tears of joy. Good people always defeat the bad &evil ones. Cease your weeping.. Dare mighty things, be legendary!”

The first person to respond to the tweet, going by the name Fisherman, taunted Chamisa saying: “How I miss Tsvangirayi, he understood this very well, he used to back his words with actions, at times he was with less words but more action. Ready to lead from the front and take the bull by it’s horns.  Clearly those around him learned nothing!”

Chamisa replied: “Was Tsvangirai alone there ??”

Oliver Twist told Chamisa: “Hauna yako iwe …uriwepaTwitter kana paipa unopa vanaWiwa ndovaneyese.”

Chamisa said he was a captain and proud team player.

“A captain who plays alone when he has a team is foolish and unwise. I am a proud team player!” he said.

Tendayi Danha said enough was enough.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PRESIDENT. Take a leaf from the year you beat RGM and Zanu PF. 2008 i mean. All odds were stacked against MDC. Don’t take their bait &  be dragged into petty allegations. Vanhu havanzarwo. They do thega! Watch this explode. Guide your people wisely. Time is near!”

Chamisa said he was ready for anything.

“Ready for them and anything. Dirty people think all of us are dirty like them. Some of us are not in it for money. I want to be a change agent before leaving the face of this earth!!”

When Cosmas T Nyahunda  told Chamisa: “Lets start to sell out our new reenergized party”, Chamisa responded: “Bigger, broader, newer, more pure and powerful!”

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