Help us curb corruption- Mujuru

Vice-President Joice Mujuru today called on churches to help curb corruption which has been under the spotlight for the past five months. Although there have been major media exposures since the first case involving Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation chief executive Happison Muchechetere in November last year, there have been no major casualties including Muchechetere himself. “Vanhu havachina ganda kumeso, havachanyari,” she said. Mujuru also called on the churches to help bring back morality and human dignity to stop the widespread incidents of rape especially of children some as young as two months. She said this was appalling in a country that professed to be 80 percent Christian. Mujuru said the moral breakdown had resulted in intolerance with people killing each other over minor disagreements. “Humhondi hwanyanya munyika yedu,”she said adding that President Robert Mugabe was shocked every Monday when he received reports from the provinces because no province was spared.



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