Happison Muchechetere gave Webster Shamu a VX8

A Member of Parliament told the House on Thursday that former Information Minister Webster Shamu was given a black VX8 by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere.

Seconding the motion on good governance, Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya said Shamu was a Member of Parliament so he must answer where he got the vehicle in the house.

“Where did he get the VX8, a black one which he was given by Happison Muchechetere? Who paid for it, he must answer. Hon. Shamu, is a Member of Parliament. First and foremost, he has all the right to come here and debate, since he is a Minister to come and debate and speak for himself. I respect him and therefore, he must be respected by everyone.

“We must not say things out of perception but we end up saying this because Ministers do not come for question and answer sessions. If he was going to come we were going to ask him this very honourable question where did he get the VX8 a black one, supplied by Happison Muchechetere?”

Kambuzuma MP, Willias Madzimure, who moved the motion, said some of the corrupt parastatal bosses were being used as conduits by politicians.

“Some of these guys are conduits of corruption. There are reports that the ZBC bought eight VX8 and only six could be accounted for. Who took the other two?

“The ZBC bought big generators and I remember trying to raise a question and it was said not to be a policy question. When the actual distribution of those generators was being undertaken, someone benefited. Some people benefited big generators, not small ones. They were big such that you would require a crane to lift them.”

Chikwinya said parliament should be involved in the appointment of board members for parastatals as happened in other countries.

“It is my proposal Mr. Speaker that when appointing board members, as precedents set out in other countries, America for example, that board members of parastatals must be approved by a committee of Parliament that superintends that particular ministry.

“If we are going to have a ZBC Board to be appointed, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, must approve the board members. They must at least have a say before the President actually makes the final say.”



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