Did Bennett dupe Tsvangirai when he registered the Global Alliance for Zimbabwe?


But Goddard Gunster said: “We developed an independent non-profit organisation, the Global Alliance for Zimbabwe, to attract influential support and funds to secure a true democratic future for Zimbabweans”.

Ben Goddard even won the 2014 Democracy  medal from the International Association of Political Consultancy for “bringing democracy to a country (Zimbabwe) which has been brutalized for many years by an undemocratic dictator who subverted free and fair elections”.

The Insider could not establish the authenticity of the IAPC or its award, but  found that the IAPC and Goddard Gunster shared the same address.

It is therefore difficult to believe that an organisation led by such powerful people could fail to raise funds, but more importantly that it failed or refused to submit any returns and was thus de-registered in September 2014.

Even more surprising was the fact that the objectives of the Global Alliance for Zimbabwe lodged with the Department of  Consumer and Regulatory Affairs of the Government of the District of Columbia were completely different from those on the organisation’s website raising the crucial question about whether Bennett had another motive for starting the organisation.

GAZ certificate of cancellation of organisation

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Charles Rukuni
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