Chinotimba says most Zimbabwe MPs are drunkards- introduce breathalysers


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*HON. CHINOTIMBA:  Thank you Madam Speaker.  There are certain things that we can talk about that are really painful when we think about them.  The issue that was being debated here by Hon. Maridadi is a touching and painful issue.  He did not look at the political situation in Zimbabwe but he mentioned strategies of how we can develop our country, create jobs and sources of livelihood.  The issue of companies …

*THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, I would want to understand whether you are debating the Presidential Speech?

*HON. CHINOTIMBA:  There are so many things that the President mentioned.  He talked about ZIM ASSET, education, the economy and many other issues.  So, I would want to support what the President was saying.  He implored people to stop corruption.  We cannot name the corrupt individuals because they know themselves.  Your conscience will tell you.  Those people who sin may not be seen by the people but their conscience tells them that they are sinning.

The issue that the country further sinks when we have put Statutory Instrument 64 to resuscitate our companies is unfortunate. The President said we need to rescue our companies and we are watching whilst are companies are sinking. You are the Speaker of Parliament, we have Ministers, Judges and Vice Presidents who are drunkards and all those other things that we have. What I am saying is that if we do not protect what the President said, surely we will continue to point fingers at the President saying he is not capable. We may even point fingers at the Cabinet but when we see that there is corruption, we are not able to point out the corruption like what Hon. Maridadi did.

Last week we toured the industries and we saw a car that was full of goods that had passed through the border. They were offloading the goods at one company. The good thing was that I was there and I was able to impound the car. I went to ZIMRA and reported the issue. I took the ZIMRA people there and it was realised that the goods had been under declared. So, when the President tells us what to do, people might point fingers at the Government yet it is us the people who fail to realise that if we do not adhere to what the President says, our country will not develop.

Madam President on the issue of schools, the President mentioned that in this country children should go to school. Some of us here in this august House do not even pay school fees, especially in the rural areas, the Members of Parliament are not paying school fees. Political party members are not paying schools fees but they want that school to continue with its work and for education to continue while as adults, we are not doing what the President said. My request is that we should all stop corrupt activities and adhere to – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – Madam Speaker, we were quiet on this side when the Members on your left were debating. So, our request is that since we now have a biometric system, we also need breathalysers to see if the Members of Parliament that come in here are not drunk. Most of our Members of Parliament are drunkards and when they come into this House they will have taken some alcohol – [AN HON. MEMBER: Inaudible interjection.] –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: I never heard him refer to anyone by name.

*HON. CHINOTIMBA: Madam Speaker, my request is that the Hon. Member must withdraw his words. The remark that I murdered someone is not right because he can also murder someone.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Zwizwai, may you please leave the House.

The Hon. Member duly left the House.

*HON. CHINOTIMBA: Thank you Madam Speaker.


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