Chamisa promises to turn Zimbabwe into the jewel of Africa in five years


The leader of one of the factions of the Movement for Democratic Change Nelson Chamisa says he will turn Zimbabwe into the Jewel of Africa by 2023 delivering first world roads, freeways, bullet trains, the best health care, superclass hotels and the finest education.

He says his party has a comprehensive health blueprint that includes both child care and adult care, “a plan in which those with terminal and chronic ailments such as cancer, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and other ailments will be able to access treatment for free”.

“Our old people above the age of 65 would also be able to access free medical care in all public hospitals. We have a plan to set up the best health facility in the region for those living with albinism so that they can have access to glasses and special lotions,” Chamisa said in his weekly Road to Victory message.

“On education, our government will provide free primary education and resuscitate loans and grants for tertiary students so as to give reprieve to suffering Zimbabweans.”

Chamisa who once said his party had been promised $15 billion to revive the economy after his visit to the United States, today said his party has already secured funding for infrastructure rehabilitation but did not say how much or who provided the funding.

“Through infrastructure rehabilitation, we will be able to provide employment to the millions of our young and old who are failing to get a job,” he said.

“We will resuscitate roads, railways, airports, industries and other infrastructure in a massive way that will create jobs through public works programmes. We have already secured funding for infrastructure rehabilitation so that Zimbabweans can find a reason to hope again.

“On international engagement, our mantra is that Zimbabwe will be best for business. Zimbabwe will be a safe haven for investment as investors will be assured of the safety of their ventures.

“We pledge to audit and revise all business deals being signed by the current government to see if they truly benefit the people and the country. It is ironic that every day we hear this or that mega deal has been signed when all we see around us is the mega-poverty facing the people!”


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Charles Rukuni
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