Chamisa makes seven demands for elections to go ahead

  1. Despite the Interparty Liaison Committee agreeing that the printing process should be stopped immediately so that it can be carried out in terms of agreed transparent measures; ZEC has clearly continued with the printing process.
  2. ZEC has lied in their agreement and undertaking that the ballot paper will follow the precedent and traditional alphabetical arrangement of candidates
  3. The reason why it did not allow observation is that it has manipulated the design of the ballot paper in favour of the Zanu-PF Presidential candidate wherein they have printed a ballot paper which puts Emmerson Mnangagwa on top.
  4. ZEC is refusing to give any concrete guarantees on the storage and distribution process of the ballot paper which is a key component of the transparency required.

In view of all this, we are making the following demands:

  1. ZEC must either carry out the agreed positions for transparency and accountability purposes or be reconstituted

B.The printing of the ballot must immediately stop and be carried out in a transparent manner

  1. There must be an open tender of the printing company
  2. The inspection of the ballot must be done in terms of the agreed procedures
  3. There must be stakeholder participation in the storage and distribution of the ballot paper to polling stations.
  4. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is fooling not only the MDC Alliance but Zimbabweans and the international community at large.
  5. We have demanded a Multi-Party Liaison Committee.

Unless the Zimbabwe Electoral commission is stopped, there is no chance of a free, fair, credible and legitimate election taking place on the 30th of July 2018.

ZEC has been indicating left and turning right at every junction. The real questions are: why is ZEC, a Constitutional Body that is supposed to be independent acting in this manner? Is ZEC actually in charge of this election? Is all the reneging on agreements and assurances not because ZEC has no power to carry out its operations? Who is running ZEC, then?

I have flagged these issues with our Principal President Chamisa. This election cannot happen under these conditions.

In conclusion, we are sure Zimbabweans will not be railroaded into a sham election to sanitise an illegitimate election meant to steal their hope.

Hon. Jameson Timba
Chief Election Agent for President Nelson Chamisa


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Charles Rukuni
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