Bulawayo has 32 new coronavirus cases in one day

Bulawayo has 32 new coronavirus cases in one day

Bulawayo had 32 new coronavirus cases yesterday, more cases than it had since the outbreak of the pandemic in March, increasing the number of cases so far diagnosed in the city to 58.

Only 47 are active, however, after 10 people recovered and one died.

People of Bulawayo had started relaxing until the clampdown on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe now has 463 cases with 171 of these in Harare, 58 in Bulawayo, 50 in Masvingo, 46 in Matebeleland South, 40 in the Midlands, 36 in Mashonaland East, 24 in Mashonaland West, 18 in Manicaland, 11 in Matebeleland North and nine in Mashonaland Central.

There are 396 active cases with the bulk being in Harare which has 143, followed by Bulawayo with 47, Matebeleland South 46, Midlands and Masvingo with 37 each, Mashonaland East 30, Mashonaland West 22, Manicaland 18 and Mashonaland Central,  and Matebeleland North with eight each.

Among the 63 who have recovered so far, 26 are from Harare, 13 from Masvingo, 10 from Bulawayo, six from Mashonaland East, three each from the Midlands and Matebeleland North, and one each from Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West.

Four people have so far died, two from Harare and one each from Bulawayo and Mashonaland West.

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