Are 75% of Zimbabwe teachers mad?

Are 75% of Zimbabwe teachers mad?

Mad might not be the right word. But according to Newsday, 75% of Zimbabwe’s teachers are experiencing mental health challenges. The reason. Poor pay.

Newsday quotes Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president Takavafira Zhou as saying: “Due to stress-related challenges, cases of conflict in schools have escalated, with 75% of teachers suffering from stress-related challenges leading to an increase in alcoholism and suicide cases.

“There is need for urgent intervention by the government in order to protect the education system from total collapse and degeneration.

“Such a reprieve must ensure that teachers are paid a living wage as professionals. It is criminal to entrust the education system to angry, miserable and poorly-paid teachers.”

Teachers are currently earning the equivalent of US$250. They are demanding a minimum salary of US$540 which they were earning pre-October 2018.

PTUZ is one of the 11 unions now representing teachers in the country. Previously it represented secondary school teachers. 

The biggest teachers’ union is the Zimbabwe Teachers Association.

Teachers are the biggest sector in the public service.



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