Another teachers union formed as vocal ARTUZ calls for strike

Another teachers union formed as vocal ARTUZ calls for strike

A new teachers’ union, the Educators Union of Zimbabwe, has been formed to become the ninth union representing the 140 000 teachers in the country.

At the same time the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has called for a strike on the very day schools are to open for the majority of pupils.

Schools opened on Monday for examination classes only.

The formation of the EUZ clearly demonstrates that there is more to the unions than merely representing teachers in the country as for example, ARTUZ, which is calling for a national strike reportedly has only  5 000 members.

The largest union, the Zimbabwe Teachers Association has 42 000 members.

EUZ says some 70 000 teachers do not belong to any union.

It has come on board because some teachers’ unions have become an extension of the employer, while others are meddling in opposition party politics.

It says it is apolitical.

Analysts have told The Insider that there has been a proliferation of teachers’ unions to magnify the number of voices when they speak.

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