Active coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe drop to less than 1000

Active coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe drop to less than 1000

More than 240 Zimbabweans recovered from the coronavirus today while there were only 37 new cases resulting in the number of active cases dropping to 903.

Two people from Manicaland, however, died raising the death toll to 155.

Zimbabwe has 5 930 cases but 4 872 people have recovered.

A total of 243 recovered today, 184 of them from Harare.

This saw the number of active cases in Harare drop to 356 but the capital still has the highest number of active cases followed by Matebeleland South with 138 and Bulawayo with 110.

Globally, the number of cases has risen to 23.5 million.

There are just over 810 800 deaths and 6.6 million active cases.

Some 16 million people have recovered.

Only three countries- the United States, Brazil and India- account for more than of the cases globally with about 12.6 million cases.

India, which is currently at number three, is fast catching up with Brazil and has 3.1 million cases against Brazil’s 3.6 million.

The United States has 5.9 million cases.



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